Brant Russell

Brant Russell

Director, writer, professor.
Dad, husband, citizen.
Artistically adventurous.
Socially provocative.
Committed to social justice.
New York Times Critic’s Pick director and producer.
98% human person.

As a director, I approach every project with a spirit of investigation and social relevance. Whether I’m directing a world premiere, and American classic, or Shakespeare, I examine the play as though it has never appeared in this time or in this place. Because that’s true. I plumb every text for its relevance to this moment. I build a bridge from the play to the audience.

As a writer, I examine historical themes and our role in perpetuating or thwarting the status quo. My plays have explored immigration, reparations, transmission of property and privilege through family generations, preservation and hoarding of resources, and other easy-to-talk-about fare.

I live in Cincinnati, where I am an associate professor in the acting program at the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. I direct here in Cincinnati, as well as in New York and Chicago.

Prior to coming to Ohio, I worked in Chicago with Steppenwolf, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Writers' Theatre, Steep, Next, Side Project, Collaboraction, A Red Orchid, and more.

I am a member of SDC, the Lincoln Center Directors' Lab, and AAUP. I am a big fan of all three.

I have a BA from Kenyon College (political science major) and an MFA in stage directing from Northwestern University.

Feel free to email me for my CV or production history.

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