Brant Russell

You're Welcome


CCM – 04/2015

By Hannah Bos & Paul Thureen
Developed by Oliver Butler
Made by The Debate Society

All photos by Mark Lyons

Lighting by Adam Ditzel
Costumes by Greta Stokes
Scenery by Aaron Bridgman
Sound by Corbin Wescott

Devan Pruitt as Penguin, Bartley Booz as Icelandic Fisherman, Andrew Iannacci as Grapes, Emily Walton as $, Colleen Ladrick as Narrator, Laura McCarthy as Mermaid, Alison Sluiter as Penguin, Arielle DeVersterre as $

Bartley Booz as Brant Russell

Spencer Lackey

Spencer Lackey, Devan Pruitt, Bartley Booz, and Laura McCarthy